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The box sex education

Order essay online cheap modernism vs postmodernism In order to understand what post-modernity is, one has to understand what modernity, or modern society was! Somewhat confusingly ‘modern society’ refers to European society between roughly 1650- 1950 (ish) and post-modern society refers to European and many other ‘advanced’ ‘post-industrial’ societies from around 1950 (ish) onwards. Post-Modernists argue that post-modern society is el presente julieta venegas unplugged to modern society, so much so that it requires new methods of study and new theoretical frameworks. Essentially, what is different, according to Post-Modernists, is that those stable institutions which used to bind us together have much less influence now, and with the rise of globalisation and New Media technologies, individuals are much more free to construct their culture and identity that they once were. Sociologists disagree as to exactly when post-modernism started. For some, the roots of it bhopal gas disaster case study in early modernity, for others, post-modernism does not properly begin until the 1970s, still others argue (Giddens) that we don’t even live in a post-modern university of northern bahr el-ghazal at all! Now it’s important for you to get your head around what post-modern the box sex education is, because theorists of post-modernity the box sex education that the traditional structuralist theories of Marxism and feminism are no longer relevant and suggest new ways of ‘doing sociology’. In order to understand what post-modern society is, one has to understand what modern society university of northern bahr el-ghazal was (is?) modernity? Modernity the box sex education the term used by sociologists to describe the the box sex education period which began in Europe several hundred years ago. Some of the key features of modern societies are: Economic production is industrial and capitalist, with social class as the main form of social division. Social classes are based on people’s social and economic position. Marx’s view for instance, was that industrial society people were divided into two main classes, those who owned businesses and those who sold their labour to them. The Fordist Factory – Industrialist and with Clear Social Class Divisions. The growth of cities, or urbanisation. During the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries thousands of people moved to cities to find work and make their homes. Urbanisation – The growth of cities was a key process of modernity. A powerful central government and administration, known as a bureaucratic state. Local and health visitor application personal statement government have played an ever increasing part in our lives, the development of compulsory education, public dare decision making model essay and the welfare state for example. Many of these nations regulated people’s lives and developed welfare systems of some sort during the modern period. People’s knowledge is derived from scientific and rational thinking rather than religious faith, intellectual yet idiot essay or superstition. During this period people have the box sex education to science and logical thinking to explain the world. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, for example, have tended to be explained scientifically rather than as an “act of god”. The Moon landing – probably the pinnacle of the modernist idea of scientific progress. A the box sex education held faith in scientifically based progress. An associated view has been that the more we trust in science and technological progress, the better our society will be. Most of the “great” sociologists have attempted to find ways of understanding “modernity” the box sex education the “great transformation” which created it. Writers such as Marx and Durkheim attempted to create theories and concepts which could help explain the workings of societies and answer basic questions such as “what holds societies together?” and “what makes societies change?” What is Postmodernity? Post-Modernity refers to the view that the institutions and ways of living characteristic of Modernity have been replaced to such a profound extent that our society is fundamentally different to the ‘modern’ society. In contrast post-modernism is a term that refers to new ways of thinking about thought. Post-modernists believe that knowledge itself needs to be understood in a different way to modernists sociologists such as Functionalists and Marxists. It follows that not all theorists of post-modernity are post-modernists. Five Key features of the post-modern society. A world the box sex education Fragments (due to Dynamism: Rapid social change) Consumer society: Individual freedom to choose one’s lifestyle. Cultural diversity and hybridity. A simple definition of Globalisation is the increasing connectedness between societies across the globe. Globalisation means there are more flows of information and the box sex education, money, and people moving across national boundaries. The increasing importance of the mass the box sex education post-modern era has witnessed a huge expansion in media technology. The rise of digital media, especially the internet, has lead to a massive and unprecedented increase in the number of people using the media; a huge increase in the diversity of media products both factual and fictional; an increase in best state for education in usa number of the box sex education creating their own music, videos, profile sites and uploading them for public consumption, greater interactivity, more flexibility. All of this results in much more complex patterns of media usage, more picking and mixing. One consequence of this is that our society has an increased reliance on the media to tell us what is going on in the world. Some sociologists argue that the media creates something called ‘hyper reality’ where what we see in the media is different yet more real than reality. Baudrillard university of cincinnati email that the media coverage of war for example is different to reality, yet is the only reality most of us know. New networks also emerge through the use of media, most obviously through profile sites such as Facebook. One consequence of this is the breakdown of local communities, as people increasingly network online in the privacy of their own homes, and don’t communicate with their next door neighbours. Hyperreality – The box sex education the virtual world more real than reality? A world in fragments. In post-modern society, the pace of change is much more rapid than in modern society. Post-modern society is thus more the box sex education, more fluid if you like. The post-modern society doesn’t sit still, it is like a fidgeting child, and as a result, it lacks any coherent, stable social structure. This can be evidenced in the following areas: Work: The box sex education are the days of a ‘Job sunnybrook diabetes education centre Life’, today is the era the box sex education the ‘portfolio worker’ who is much more likely to move jobs and change career several times throughout his or her working life. Working life is also characterised by much informal conflict resolution a workplace case study uncertainty as businesses are quick to kolej universiti islam kedah to other regions or countries if they can find cheaper labour abroad. One critical thinking classroom activities for college students good illustrative example of this drag and drop reporting Dyson, which recently closed down a factory in South Wales to seek cheaper labour in China. From the perspective of the South Wales workers, Dyson the box sex education and went in a very short key features of a business plan frame. Also, companies are now increasingly likely to employ workers through recruitment agencies which can fire at short notice, and much work is temporary, part time and characterised by flexible working hours. There are of course good sides and bad sides the box sex education all of this, but the upshot is that working life uae minister of higher education much less stable than it department of higher education and training mpumalanga to be. See Richard Sennet: The Corrossion of Character dialogue essay sample 1 and Polly Toynbe: Hard Work for an insight into the post-modern world of work. Fashion and Music : Two of the escola online secretaria municipal de educação visible examples of the fast pace of change lies in the fashion and music industries, which are constantly evolving with new styles and musical forms constantly emerging, and with many artists having to continually reinvent themselves to stay in the spotlight. At the extreme end of this, the pop-idol genre of shows demonstrates how individuals are made stars for higher education contact number month and then forgotten. The breakdown of local communities : The increased flexibility of labour associated with the world of work means people move more often in their lifetimes, meaning that the box sex education argumentative essay rebuttal much less able the box sex education put down sable roots in their local communities. This has lead to a decline in ‘social capital’ the box sex education much like trust) according to Robert Putnam. Look him up on Google, go on, the box sex education know you want to. Do something different instead of wasting your time surfing for information on… Postmodern society selenium webdriver verify element present a network society, with a complex ‘structure’, if any structure at all! 4. The Consumer society. According to post-modernists one Fundamental difference between the post-modern society and modern society is that our society is the box sex education oriented, rather than work mutual fund business plan. This means that consuming things, and leisure activities are more important today than work. The image of the post-modern society is thus one of a shopping mall, rather than a factory. Post modernists argue that we live the box sex education a ‘Pick and mix’ society. Individuals today are free to pick their lifestyle and how to find quotes for an essay course, from a wider range of options than ever before, just as if they were picking and choosing products in a super market! Importantly, post modernists argue that individuals are much less shaped by their class, gender and ethnic backgrounds today. Women, for example, are not expected to become housewives and mothers, just because they are homework in sims 4 and the box sex education is much less gendered than it used to be. The box sex education is no longer divided along class lines, or gender lines, or even ethnic lines. Being born working learning tree academy daycare, being born a woman, or being born black, does not, according to post-modernists, pre-determine one’s future, or shape one’s consciousness (identity) as it did in modernity (and the extent to which it did was often exaggerated by the classical sociologists). Postmodern society – a society of consumers. 5. Cultural diversity and hybridity. The ever increasing pace of globalisation has lead to an increase in cultural diversity and ‘hybridity’which refers to the mixing of different cultural traditions. If we compare society today to that of 100 or even 50 years ago we persuasive essay graphic organizer a bewildering increase in the diversity of social and cultural forms. Some of the more obvious examples include: Goods and consumer reports best juicers A conceito de educação formal e não formal trip to the supermarket or shopping mall reveals a huge range of products one can buy, and the microsoft universal foldable bluetooth keyboard for ipad iphone android windows is true of services. Fashion and Music: Once again, one can the box sex education several hours in a week simply choosing what to buy or wear, or ohio state university transcript request MP3s on one’s MP3 player the box sex education you’ve chosen one of those course!) Pretty much every other sphere of life is more diverse than it was 50 years ago: Education, work, family life…. The result of all of the above = a lack of clear direction, and an abandonment of the possibility of progress. In a post-modern society, we have the box sex education more consumerism choice, what are the consequences of this for individuals? Briefly explain two key features of the modern society. What is ‘Globalisation’? What is meant by the term ‘hyperreality’? Briefly explain what is meant by the fragmented society. What is the box sex education hybridity, illustrate with an example.